• Clarity Incorporated, a Charlotte-based Audio Visual services company, brings the best in sound quality to your unique venue. We are focused on providing the best in sight in sound, and to bring the finest audio, video, and lighting experience to Churches, Clubs, and Commercial Venues. We use our experience in professional sound production including recording, acoustics, engineering and system design to help you reach your sonic goals, whether it's through live music, recordings or the spoken word.
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  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    I wish I had $1 for every time i have heard the one about the 1 million dollar sound system or the 5 million dollar renovation. Most people seem to believe that the success of a club is simply all about how much money you pour into the venue forgetting the most important factors...Passion, people, attention to detail, and SOUND!!

    There are very few places in the world where all these things come together for an experience which leaves everybody involved feeling that they are a part of something special. An experience which all club enthusiasts world wide chase like a drug week after week. HOM, in Charlotte NC, is one such club.

    For me, as a DJ, my experience is with the sound factor. At HOM, my part in the process is made all that much easier with an unlimited sound system which allows me to take the mood of the club on a roller coaster ride. What I love most about this system is the headroom I am left to play with. It allows me to program my music in a way that i wish i could at every venue I play at, but unfortunately cant because of the inadequacy of most club systems. I can play any track at any time without feeling i have overstepped the mark. I can play a big electro track followed by a minimal tune without feeling that the energy has dropped of. This is what allows the "roller coaster effect" and this is what i believe makes a great music experience for the listener as the musical direction becomes quite unpredictable.

    The sound in the booth and overall in the club is a well rounded bottom heavy sound which is incredibly comfortable to listen to for prolonged periods at high volume. It is quite easy to speak to people even at this volume but there is no doubt to the power of the sound around you.

    I have played on many systems in the States and all over the world for nearly 20 years and in my humble opinion the system at HOM is one of my favorites and one of the best in the world. I was not surprised when i was told it was nominated for a Club World Award in fact I’m quite surprised it hasn't been nominated for more!!

    Currently one of the best clubs in the world. Period

    Dr. Phil K
    Dr. Phil K

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  • How We Are Different

    It’s about a relationship, not a transaction: We understand the need for an expert to call when things are not right or critical decisions must be made. We want to be your long term partner. We are not offering products and services, we are guaranteeing results.

    Design is critical: Pick the wrong components and excellence will never be achieved. We offer a design capability including acoustics modeling, loudspeaker virtual modeling, and over 30 years of hands on experience. We uniquely offer custom designed and built loudspeaker products to achieve the highest level of personalization and results.

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    Acoustics Design

    Clarity provides acoustic architecture solutions to a variety of venues including recording studios, commercial applications, and church acoustics. We apply a six point protocol to room acoustic treatment and analysis. Each point is in itself the tip of more detailed concerns that may lie beneath.
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