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We are a provider of highly differentiated audio/video solutions and professional sound systems. We are driven by our passion, achieving truly remarkable results for our clients.

From studio to sanctuary to stadium, we provide complete design/build solutions, at all budgets and sizes.

In a church, you often wonder if you are being taken advantage of. You know you do not have the skill or knowledge which is why you have asked for help. Couple that with the fact that most churches have been burned buy a “audio sound systems” company and you have a tense situation. I appreciate Clarity moving the bar significantly to restore confidence, skill, and TRUST in their work with churches. I consider them a gold mine and heartily recommend them to friends.
Grace Covenant

Our promise is that you will receive an ongoing remarkable experience.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’d recommend Clarity to anyone. Clarity is run by honest people with a drive to supply audio solutions that make sense and support the organization’s goals. To be able to do this within a tight budget is hard. To accomplish this with accolades from the client is admirable. Excellent work, Clarity.
Kelly Graham, Church at Charlotte

Church Sound Systems & Video Services

Our work is the culmination of experiences, projects, and people; but most importantly, it is about the relationships we’ve developed along the way with every one of our customers. We have an earnest and genuine passion for technical excellence providing our clients an ongoing remarkable experience and unmatched value.


Our work is a mere reflection of the great relationships we build with our partners.