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Turn-key Audio Installations

When all you want to do is play…

Clarity’s expert team of rigging professionals, technicians and craftsmen create clean, professional turnkey audio installations – often creating custom solutions to insure aesthetic beauty as well as the highest levels of performance from the chosen equipment and years of trouble free operation. Whether the design is ours or if you simply need expert execution of an existing specification, let our team of experience relieve your audio installation headaches.

..If only Lighting Designers went blind from doing bad lighting!

Having correctly chosen equipment correctly installed is only half of the picture. If the person tuning the system doesn’t know if they have stopped 20 feet short of the finish line then throwing all the money in the world at it will not get outstanding results. Simply measuring and adjusting with a computer leads to a system that measures well and looks good on paper but most often sounds like garbage, and does so in a way that not even a skilled operator can work around. The single greatest asset our audio department possesses is great ears and unique ear training. Our senior designer was trained from birth by parents who were a music therapist and a transducer engineer for Altec and JBL during the golden period of the early 70’s. Instead of television, he was raised on symphony rehearsals and recording sessions.

Ears and experience are the only way to great audio. Tools can help, but that’s all they are: Tools.

This cannot be stressed enough. Turn off the computer and use The Force Luke!

We LISTEN FIRST AND FOREMOST, and use computerized alignment and measurement tools to supplement and verify correct alignment so that a minimum of eq and processing is needed on the part of the mixing engineer during performance. As part of the commissioning process a Clarity engineer will be on hand for your initial launch phase to work with your audio team to insure your team gets the most from your system and environment.