Our audio design team has a track record with a diverse range of projects, from acoustics, sound and projection in small screening rooms, church sound equipment and community theaters to 5,000 seat plus auditoriums and national level touring sound.

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The goal of audio is the delivery of every sound with integrity, equally to all ears, at the right volume.

…And yet much more.

Stadium Audio & Lighting Services

We understand and deliver audio at a number of levels, from basic speech communication to chest thumping rock to multichannel immersive systems. We understand the unique requirements of liturgical, contemporary, theater, club, and other genres. We help you understand the contribution of your room to sound and the best locations and technology formats for the system. Using modeling technologies, we analyze, define, and demonstrate the tradeoffs of various competing audio approaches.

“The design and installation of a sound system requires the application of engineering, physics, and art as well as the skill of being a craftsman and computer programmer. Clarity is all of this and more.”
Prince of Peace Catholic Church, South Carolina

We never pursue audio independent of acoustics.

We focus on results. Our 30+ years of combined experience with hundreds of rooms becomes your foundation on which to build a custom sound system for your space.

Church Speaker Systems & Placement
“An excellent sound experience is worth every penny. The team brought a fresh perspective to audio. They knew that other experts had come before them and realized a credibility issue that needed to be dealt with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a complete audio answer.”
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

We understand the importance of appearance and sight lines relative to speaker systems and speaker placement. When custom speakers are the only answer, we have a history of award winning sound and results.

Our Audio Systems services include the following: Turnkey Audio Installations

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Custom Speakers for Churches