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CLARITY Elevates Hardpop Club

The Hardpop Club in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico is both a source of immense local pride and a beacon to serious DJs and electronic musicians around the world. Indeed, the hard-partying citizens and electronic music fanatics of Ciudad Juárez regularly fill the Hardpop Club to its 500-person capacity, and international DJ and club publications consistently rank [...]

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CLARITY Delivers Huge Sound for Mexican Stadium, Juarez Vive

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, MEXICO – SEPTEMBER 2013: Located in the US border city of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, the recently-completed Juárez Vive is a stunning sports stadium and a proud symbol of the recently-embattled city’s rejuvenation. Indeed, the bold, exposed angles of its support structure give one the impression that the stadium is rising into the air. [...]

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Drum Violence

  Drum Violence by Doug Burns, Clarity Inc. The room is dark and as the lights come up the acoustic guitarist starts picking softly and as the energy rises you know what is coming, 125db of snare drum swimming in the sounds of 8 cymbals being hit on every 16th note. Awesome. This is the [...]

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Epic Fail

I remember when I was younger and all we could play at home were records and tapes. We had a modest collection, a hundred or so records, a couple dozen reel to reel tapes. Each one meant something to us. They were important! We would invite people over to have listening parties when a new [...]

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Correct and Wrong

One of the great things about the digital audio revolution is being able to see on screen the effects of applying EQ, Compression, De essing, etc. You can see all the ups and downs in your eq curves, reminding you of how draconian you were about to be with the signal."Look at that!" you exclaim [...]

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The #1 Most Important Production Technique

Well I just got back from mixing at a 3 day festival. I have almost 20 years behind the board, my cohorts had lots of experience too. We had a “state of the art” PA, it was large enough for headroom and very high quality, we had great, self powered monitors, top of the line [...]

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