The universe of lighting includes direct natural lighting, indirect natural lighting, artificial lighting, and reflected light as well as the control of all of these sources.

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There are optimal lighting design levels that improve performance, enhancing visual comfort, full engagement with the talent, and enhanced productivity.

Church Lighting & Visual Design
Overall, I am more than pleased and happy. We have been able to enhance our service without being invasive, which was our goal. Again the solutions you came up with were fresh, polished, and brilliant for our situation. your willingness to make sure the job was done and done right was very comforting. I honestly don’t think I could be happier for the budget!
Hope Church, Charlotte

We are typically involved with the design and control of architectural lighting and production lighting.

Stage Lighting for Churches

From subtle to dramatic, from liturgical accents to full stage productions, we can accommodate your needs. Our lighting designers and engineers define fixtures, grids, power loads, and control strategies that brings focus, emphasis, mood management, video support, and drama to your venue.

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Stage Lighting for Churches