Computer Modeling and Predictive Behavior2017-10-12T08:14:39-04:00

Computer Modeling and Predictive Behavior

Three dimensional models are created either from architectural drawings, actual measurements of the space or are imported from existing 3D Architect’s models.

Interior surfaces are specified with exact sound transmission data so that a complete virtual simulation of the space is achieved. The designers then work together to simulate both the acoustics of the space and the performance of the sound system as it would be installed,and predictions of performance can be made with a high degree of accuracy.

Now, the computer does not do our designs for us.

In fact many times our designers know what they are going to do on a project within the first few minutes of entering the space in question- this comes from decades of experience – the computer allows them to play with many options that previously had to be done on a trial and error basis – which could be time consuming and costly. The result is weeks of time saved, and higher quality results as there is no penalty for just trying things, and the confidence that comes with knowing exactly what the performance is going to be prior to anything being built. This gives you the best acoustic design for your space.

Computer Modeling and Predictive Behavior