Clarity is here to provide you with the audio, video and lighting services you need: design, products, expert installation, tuning, training and support. So how do we get started?

Our design team has a track record with a diverse range of audio, video and lighting projects, from acoustics, sound and projection in small screening rooms, church sound equipment and community theaters to 5,000 seat plus auditoriums and national level touring sound.

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Clarity provides clients with effective video projection systems that meet their unique needs.

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The universe of lighting includes direct natural lighting, indirect natural lighting, artificial lighting, and reflected light as well as the control of all of these sources.

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Clarity provides acoustic architecture solutions to a variety of venues including recording studios, commercial applications, and church acoustics. We apply a six point protocol to room acoustic treatment and analysis. Each point is in itself the tip of more detailed concerns that may lie beneath.

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Audio, Video and Lighting Services by Clarity